Your Picture Deserves a Picture Frame With Style

Holiday Gift Ideas, Ready Made

With Halloween in the rear view mirror and the holiday season quickly approaching November is the month when many families take family pictures, put them in picture frames and hang the latest family portraits on the wall or give them as gifts.  Framed family pictures tell a story, add love and warmth to any home, and make wonderfully treasured gifts.  With all the care that goes into wearing the proper attire, having the right background, where every family member stands…shouldn’t that much care also go into the picture frame that holds your treasured memory?

A Picture Frame Can Make a Statement

Picture frames shape the way we view our treasured memories.  Whether we are looking at photos from the past or the present – the boarder around that photo can either distract you or draw you in. Imaging Expressions suggests that choosing the right picture frames adds depth and feeling to your photographs.  Your picture frames should not be limited to what is in stock at the local surplus store or whatever you can find cheapest on line. Your picture frame should complement your family’s style and make a statement, even it is a subtle one.

If you are putting the portrait on your living room wall, you may want something that compliments the color and décor. A museum quality looking, 6-inch-wide carved and painted gold picture frame would look wildly out of place in a contemporary styled living room. In kind, a photo wall that holds all the precious moments and history of your family would be boring if every frame were the same mass-produced thin black plastic. The right picture frame will PRESENT your memory, not distract or cheapen it. Remember, when giving your family photo as a gift, a picture frame is the most obvious visual proof of the time and effort you put into this gift. 

A Picture Frame Adds Style

The challenge to finding the perfect frame should then be turned into a fun, personalized opportunity.  Everyone has different tastes and needs when it comes to the presentation of their pictures, so this opportunity to personalize your choice is special. You can choose to personalize the picture frame to match your taste, or to match the taste of the one you are giving the gift.  A large barn-wood distressed frame can give your photo a warm cozy vibe; A simple glass frames can give a clean, modern look; A traditional silver frame can give the same photo a contemporary look; A colorful frame can give your photo a youthful feel. The choices are practically endless since frames are available in thousands of styles.

Another aspect to choosing a picture frame is craftsmanship. True there are thousands of styles to choose from, but you want to make sure that you are choosing a frame that will last, that is made from quality materials, and made by professional framers. Make sure that when you search online for a picture frame to suit your needs that is made in the United States. Most online framers import the products from other countries. You want a framer that has their own frame shop and a proven track record for producing quality frames. See if the framer does artwork framing. That usually is an indication that they are professional framers with an actual framing shop.

We added a few images of a picture framed in different picture frames styles. What do you think the frame does for the image?

imaging-expressions-november-blog-picture-frame-style-compare-number-1-jpg imaging-expressions-november-blog-picture-frame-style-compare-number-2-jpg imaging-expressions-november-blog-picture-frame-style-compare-number-3-jpg imaging-expressions-november-blog-picture-frame-style-compare-number-4-jpg

If like this blog please feel free to share it with others. From all of us at Imaging Expressions…may you have a wonderful November and have reason to be thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

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